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  1. Video: 3D Printer (VERY COOL)
  2. Hines Ward is an idiot
  3. Colin Edwards' Texas Tornado Boot Camp
  4. Rocker Arrested Before Show UPDATED: Another Rocker Arrested
  5. Whacked Off
  6. Killer Bear Owner Chokes to Death on Sex Toy
  7. new tickle spa open in Spain
  8. Shampoo fight lands brothers in jail
  9. Flying Cars!!!
  10. Illegal Lemonade Stand
  11. Tiger's Mistress Forced to Return Hush Money
  12. People of Walmart ?
  13. Stabbed for bringing Natty Ice to a party
  14. Bill Gates: "Time to Reinvent the Toilet"
  15. Skydiver Drops iPhone...Guess What!
  16. Taco Bell Employee Quits Via Sign
  17. Amy Winehouse is Dead
  18. arrested at his own wedding reception
  19. Man Attempts Hernia Surgery w/ Butter Knife
  20. Hef The Sex Machine?
  21. Better than hitting the lottery?
  22. Gamer Dies Playing Marathon X-Box Session
  23. Angry Birds bra
  24. 83 Year Old Gets Boob Job
  25. HP Bowing Out of PC Business
  26. Paintball Bursts Woman's Breast Implant
  27. Docs Save Man's Eye After Impalement
  28. Street Racing...Canadian Style
  29. Starving Dogs Eat Owner
  30. Gang-Related Crime...Amish Style
  31. McDonald's Employee Beats Customers
  32. 3 Women Charged In Strings of Rapes
  33. Man Lives on Roadkill Diet for 30 Years
  34. Child brings mom's crack pipe to school for show-and-tell
  35. Stripper Mistakenly Sent to School
  36. Man Sets 50 Exotic Animals Free On Unsuspecting Neighborhood
  37. Pretty Girls Eating Popsicles
  38. Japan's Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn
  39. Poor Erin Andrews
  40. any Colts fans here?
  41. Burly Rugby Player Has Stroke, Wakes Up Gay & Becomes Hairdresser
  42. My Girl's A High Fashion Model
  43. Introducing... The Crap Cycle
  44. Fake Doctor Injects Patient's Butt w/ Fix-A-Flat
  45. Watch your load trucker
  46. Pep Rally Prank Gone Wrong
  47. Man Busted Trying to Pass $1 Million Bill at Wal-Mart
  48. Introducing: Mr. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop
  49. Hockey Fight Ends w/ Poop in Glove
  50. A little Plastic Surgery
  51. Go grandma!
  52. Man w/30 Kids Wants Taxpayers to Pay Support
  53. Man's Face Eaten By Naked Suspect
  54. BlackBerry layoffs
  55. One is the loneliest number
  56. Syrian Civil War
  57. This Just In From Zippy...Holdiay News Flash
  58. Favorite Quotes
  59. Anyone from Riverside, California I might need your help.
  60. Why Ride a Motorcycle?
  61. You guys like my Zombie Proof home?
  62. Hit up the stunt lot on my pit bike