MRRF Forum Rules and Guidelines

Please read and remember these rules before posting. You will be tested and it will reflect in your final grade.

SpamPlease use the Classifieds section if you have something to sell. Any form of advertising found in the forum will be removed and a warning will be issued.

Post in the Correct Sub-Forum Please make sure when you start a new thread that you post it in the correct section. Just because one sub-forum is more popular than another doesn't mean your new thread belongs there. Incorrectly placed threads will be relocated.

Avatars & Signatures The rules concerning your avatar and signature are simple: No advertising, pornography or anything that could be considered offensive. If you?re having any doubt about what you want to use, you probably shouldn?t be using it.

Offensive Links & Images This is a motorcycle forum, so there really shouldn?t be any reason to post offensive pictures or links. If you absolutely MUST post something unsuitable for children or those with a weak heart, YOU MUST WARN PEOPLE first. Please insert MAY OFFEND in the thread header where necessary or it will be removed.

Thread ContentWhile the focus of this forum concerns motorcycles, that doesn?t mean you can?t on occasion discuss other matters. To warn those that are only interested in reading motorcycle content, please insert NON-MC in the thread header if your subject isn?t motorcycle related.

Complaints ProcedureIf you have an issue with the conduct of another user, consider sending them a polite Private Message explaining your concerns. Reasonable people usually manage to settle their differences. If that doesn?t resolve the problem, Private Message the moderator with details and an explanation. The moderator will try to resolve the issue where possible.

Flame, Abuse, or Insult

Anyone that harasses or uses personal insults towards other users, the moderator will issue ONE warning through a Private Message. If those actions continue, they may be banned and have their IP address blocked and banned permanently. If you have a problem with someone else follow the complaint procedure.

Repeated Questions If you have a question that seems like it might be an obvious one, please take a few moments to look through the FAQ section and the Help thread located in the General Sub-Forum. Often you will find that your question has been asked and answered before.

Abuse of the Forum Obviously registering multiple user names or trying to break into other users' accounts will not be tolerated. We have seen it all by now and you won't get away with it, so don't bother trying. Before replying to a post, make sure that your comments follow the theme being discussed. If you have something new to say, please start those thoughts off in a new thread.

In so many words ?Mess With The Bull?You Get The Horns?

Have a nice Stay