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Thread: Introducing ProTrack Guides, LLC

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    First of all, I would like to thank the MRRF for the opportunity to be part of such a great group of riders and enthusiasts.

    I can remember when “Chidadog” first told me of the plans to open a new site and was right there in the beginning. We got to know each other very well, as I was constantly buying parts from him on that "other" site.

    I tell everyone about the MRRF whenever we can and look forward to formalizing our relationship.

    You will find what we do unlike anything you have seen before.

    Here is a little intro to what we do:

    ProTrackGuides, LLC was started with three simple goals in mind; make a track day / race school experience safer, faster and better for riders of all skill levels.

    We have created one of the most comprehensive sets of tools in the industry for rider education, performance improvement and overall safety.

    Our products and services include:

    1. Detailed “turn by turn” Track Guides

    2. Large Format Dry Erase Track Maps

    3. Corner Coach Quick Reference System

    4. SES RaceLine Skill Enhancement System

    5. Race School Partnerships to train and learn with the tools

    6. eCoach Online Rider Performance Evaluation (Q2 2012)

    7. Apple iPad versions of the “turn by turn” Track Guides for mobile users (Q2 2012)

    8. Video Blog & Forum for Rider Education, Health & Nutrition, Community Discussions (Q3 2012)

    The foundation of our system is our copyrighted “turn by turn” track guides, our large format dry erase maps and Corner Coach Quick Reference System. We will also introduce you to the ultimate performance improvement tool for riders of all skill levels, SES RaceLine. SES RaceLine is a patent pending GPS based skill enhancement system (SES), which utilizes the Qstarz GPS 5hz and 10hz data loggers.

    In an industry first, our “turn by turn” guides will be available electronically from the Apple App Store for the Apple iPad later this Spring. It will be the ultimate riders “portal” to a wide variety of information and services. This will bring a whole new dimension to rider improvement by adding full integration to our SES RaceLine System, Social Media connectors, our Video Blog and Forums in one convenient package.

    We look forward to promoting our relationship with the MRRF and helping the forum grow even bigger.

    For the most up to date information, you can check us out on Facebook at:

    Follow us on Twitter: @ProTrackGuides

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    Now that sounds like a really great tool for all track day'ers. Good luck to you
    Edit: Come to think of it, I use the same concept app's when I'm golfing. On courses I'm unfamiliar with, the apps are a huge help!

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    Sounds good!! Welcome!!
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