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Thread: Chidadog feedback

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    About 2 months ago i bought warmers from him, great price great warmers, no problems hassle free. About 2 weeks ago i bought a 2010 gsxr 6 from him. good deal, low miles, and finally got it to the track. The bike runs great, no issues at all the whole day. Engine is crisp, shifts great, got it up to 155 almost every lap and runs super smooth. suspension was even tuned nicely. The only issue was when i bought it there was an F1 light on the dash and he said he would check it out for me i just need to bring it over to him (we are damn near neighbors). If you are hesitant about buying something from him dont be. Descriptions are accurate and prices are good!!!!

    cant figure out how to post a pic of the bike otherwise i would

    heres a vid though from FUSA yesterday

    and yes chidadog im expecting you to watch it!! haha i want advice

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    Hey Dave

    Excellent!!! Glad you finally got out there on her. I know you were chomping at the bit badly. Haven't been to pocono in forever. Kinda forgot about it. Looks better than it used to. I think they re-did it.

    Tx Again Dave!!!! I'm here if you need anything.
    "To know and not to do is not to know"...uuuhhh..Huh???

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    I just bought a GSXR front end for my Buell from Pat. I gave him a list of stuff that I was interested in. He gave me a great price. The whole transaction was great.
    I've bought other front ends, most sellers haphazardly put them together. Everything was dismantled so I could mount it to my bike. It was just so easy.
    Oops, I just realized I messed up. I was thinking feedback from buyer...
    Oh well, Pat's a great seller, deal with it.

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    Pat builds vicious motors too! "Chidacakes Race Motors".... CRM
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    my friend's, cousin's, neighbor's, best friend's, uncle's, dog's sister's, ex-wife's, co-worker bought a motor from Chidadog once. 3 months later...BOOM, he got crabs.
    clearly this is Pat's fault.
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    Said by Jim"STD" McConville
    "To know and not to do is not to know"...uuuhhh..Huh???

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