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Thread: So You Want To Be a World Champion...Ben Spies

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    So You Want To Be a World Champion...Ben Spies

    Great article from Cycleworld.  Check it out
    "To know and not to do is not to know"...uuuhhh..Huh???

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    Great read !! thanx Chida!\! I can't speak on this season bikes since i'm not able to see any clip action from this serie but from what i saw in the last few years i knew those ama bikes were slow compared to wsbk, grave's yamahas were the strongest but hayden/cardenas suzuki's were so close it became a proof of weakness from ama bikes, compared to last yrs wsbk suzuki teams who had way more budget/developement and couldn't compete at all with other brands. There was a time i eared grave's yamaha could go to wsbk and honnestly i would loved to see it happening .. it's easy for a good team like grave's to compete in a league where everyone else is struggling, Grave's/Hayes combo killed the championship for so long fans got bored of ama sbk, a successful team/rider like this should look for higher standards/challenges and move up in a higher end organisation. Bring repsol honda and a casey stoner in wsbk and see how fast this sh** gets boring after a while, same stuff. 
    I'm sad to see AMA SBK doing down the drain, we got lots of talented riders who can't promote themselves due the downhill the organisation took over yrs, I remember the ama sbk ''Mladin,Hayden,Spies ect..'' era .. i don't get how they failed to keep this championship alive. sad...  My 2 cents lol

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