Hey Guys!!! So Ducati officially announced their next gem @ Misano last week!! The next gen Panigale will be powered with their all new V4 engine ''aka Desmosedici Stradale''. As a Ducati fan myself ''used to own a 999 then a 1098 back then'' I'm more then pleased with their decision!!I've always loved their chassis desing, the italian touch @ the look and the way they've always built some ''out of the bunch, unique'' bikes, but i never liked their v-twins or rattle clutches like most hardcore Duc fans. Always hated to see Ducati being able and willing to race in superbike championships with a cc advantage, first 100cc with the 1098, then 200cc with 1198 & the 1199 Panigale, the 300cc with the 1299 i guess. If the engine configuration isin't good enough @ 1000cc like everybody else then scrap it and built a engine that will!! But hey thats just MY OPINION !!
To me, the perfect Ducati would be a stable 1098/1198 like frame/wheelbase with a 1000cc V4, And from what i see ''their new V4 Data sheet and the pictures i saw @ the concept bike online it seems NEAR right on !! The bike seems similar to the known panigale but a bit longer, and they claim 210+ hp for the V4 !!
Here's the data sheet:

  • 1,103 cm³ 4-cylinder 90-degree V
  • Bore x stroke 81 x 53.5 mm
  • Compression ratio 14:1
  • Maximum power exceeds 210 hp at 13,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque exceeds 120 Nm from 8,750 to 12,250 rpm
  • Counter-rotating crankshaft
  • Twin Pulse firing sequence, crank pins offset at 70°
  • Euro 4 emissions
  • Desmodromic part chain, part gear timing with dual overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Wet multiplate anti-patter servo clutch
  • Semi-dry sump lubrication with four oil pumps: 1 delivery and 3 return
  • Fuelling with four oval throttle bodies (52 mm diameter equivalent) and variable-height intake horns
  • 6-speed gearbox with DQS up/down system
  • 24,000 km “Desmo-service” maintenance interval (15,000 miles)

What you guys think about it ?? I'd like to see y'all inputs !!